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Look in here for how I got my name, a review of my cage...

Relocation! Relocation! Relocation!

One minute you're snuggled in a cage in Pets@Home, next you're moving house...

04-Mar-2017 | The-Hamster-With-No-Name

A New Identity

I've been given a name...after much debate.

05-Mar-2017 | Milku

I think I'm alone now...or am I?

I'm not convinced I'm the only hamster in the house.

06-Mar-2017 | Milku

The Best Cage Ever!

Who would have thought that I'd like my new abode.

15-Mar-2017 | Milku

Cage Improvements!

My cage just got even better.

25-Mar-2017 | Milku

Breakfast in Bed.

Call me lazy, call me cheeky, but breakfast in bed is my preferred option.

27-Mar-2017 | Milku


The livin' might be easy, but it's confusing me.

31-Mar-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for recipes, famous hamsters, science and hamster places...

Wacky World

Some girls have all the fun.

02-Apr-2017 | Milku

If I was a human...

...I'd be good-looking and popular...obviously!

03-Apr-2017 | Milku

Holding out for a hero...

...and not finding one on the riverbank.

04-Apr-2017 | Milku

Space Hamsters

If I can’t rely on earth-bound hamsters as potential heroes, perhaps I should look to the skies.

05-Apr-2017 | Milku

Golden Hamster Saga

"Another" hamster who can write...

06-Apr-2017 | Milku

Hamsters Abroad

I think I’m living on the wrong continent.

07-Apr-2017 | Milku

Ready for the weekend...

Actually, no, there is too much disruption to my routine.

09-Apr-2017 | Milku

Gaming Hamsters

Forget books and TV shows, gaming is where it’s at.

10-Apr-2017 | Milku

Cooking with Milku

Suggestions for tasty hamster treats you can make at home.

11-Apr-2017 | Milku

Cooking with Milku Part 2

Another suggestion for a tasty hamster treat you can make at home.

12-Apr-2017 | Milku

Cooking With Milku - the third installment

And there's more...

13-Apr-2017 | Milku

The Hamsters

The hardest-working band in the land.

14-Apr-2017 | Milku

Here comes the sun

And by that I mean the celestial body rather than the "news" paper

15-Apr-2017 | Milku

Happy Easter

Chicks and bunnies! How do they carry Easter treats? You need an Easter Hamster.

16-Apr-2017 | Milku

It's classified.

After an short Easter break, I'm going to start looking at hamsters in science, starting with our taxonomic classification.

18-Apr-2017 | Milku

Arsenic and young hamsters.

Don't try this at home.

19-Apr-2017 | Milku

Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess

Especially if there are broccoli and mealworms in my snack dish.

20-Apr-2017 | Milku

Hedgehogs and Videos

You probably think I'm going to talk about Sonic the Hedgehog, but you'd be wrong.

21-Apr-2017 | Milku

Hamster Museum

There's one in Russia and, in my view, every country should have one.

23-Apr-2017 | Milku

International Sculpture Day

It's a-maze-ing...but not around here.

24-Apr-2017 | Milku

National Pet Month

I've missed it...and I've overlooked World Hamster Day. I'll have to invent my own celebration...

25-Apr-2017 | Milku

Favourite Hamster Haunts

I'm not hoping to interest the Ghost Adventures Crew here, just my thoughts on where hamsters may roam.

26-Apr-2017 | Milku

Marvellous Mugwumpery

Boris might know about mugwumps, but is he familiar with hamster etymology?

28-Apr-2017 | Milku

It's element-ary...

my dear readers, do you know the former names of the chemical elements?

30-Apr-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for hamster haiku and limericks, Penfold, Dilbert, celebrations and more...

May Day

I think I'll celebrate Beltane instead as that comes with a feast.

01-May-2017 | Milku

Hamster Haiku

I could be a poet, but don't yet know it.

03-May-2017 | Milku

May the Fourth...

be with you.

04-May-2017 | Milku

Cinco de Mayo

It's fiesta time...but no Ford cars involved.

05-May-2017 | Milku

Just chillin'...

and enjoying the weekend.

06-May-2017 | Milku

Multiple Universes

But only one Red Cross Week.

07-May-2017 | Milku

No socks, please, we're British...

or American, or whatever...

08-May-2017 | Milku

It's time for a quiz.

Are you a Mesocricetus expert?

09-May-2017 | Milku

We're up all night to get lucky.

If Daft Punk can do it...

10-May-2017 | Milku

Eat What You Want.

Provided you don't live in South Shore, Blackpool.

11-May-2017 | Milku

Penning a verse...

It's making me curse!

12-May-2017 | Milku

Boom Bang-a-Bang.

Never give up on you Eurovision...the UK might win again...eventually.

14-May-2017 | Milku

They're all together ooky.

But they are my human family.

15-May-2017 | Milku

With a rebel yell...

I tried to decide on a better alias than "The Hamster".

16-May-2017 | Milku

Let's get baking.

So your hamsters have some tasty treats.

17-May-2017 | Milku

Which team are you in?

Cupcake? Babe? Or Rex?

18-May-2017 | Milku

Crumbs, DM!

Penfold isn't a mole.

19-May-2017 | Milku

Go Hamster!

A new approach to outdoor adventures.

21-May-2017 | Milku

Planning to go wild.

My countdown to June has started.

22-May-2017 | Milku

Minecraft Milku.

A force to be reckoned with.

23-May-2017 | Milku

Mary had a little lamb hamster.

Surely hamsters should star in nursery rhymes?

24-May-2017 | Milku

Celebrate your inner geek.

Or cry "Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg!"

25-May-2017 | Milku

Blackpool Hamsters.

It has a ring to it but not as a name for a rugby team.

26-May-2017 | Milku

Need an excuse for a celebration?

Blackpool are back in League One.

28-May-2017 | Milku

I've got mail!

Hurrah! for Pets@Home.

30-May-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for all our posts relating to the Wildlife Trust's 30DaysWild Challenge...

It's time...

to start doing randomly wild things.

01-Jun-2017 | Milku

Something's been bugging me.

There's been nowhere for my insect friends to live.

02-Jun-2017 | Milku

We're growing trees.

Just might need to learn bonsai techniques to fit them all in.

03-Jun-2017 | Milku

I'm a fun guy...

so we've been making spore prints from fungi.

04-Jun-2017 | Milku

The Vamps might have a wild heart.

But I've got wild art.

05-Jun-2017 | Milku

Ice ice baby.

A rainy day activity, but I'm not impressed.

06-Jun-2017 | Milku

Counting rings...

rather than stars.

07-Jun-2017 | Milku

I'm seeing red...

visiting the squirrels at Formby.

08-Jun-2017 | Milku

The cuts have started...

but these aren't due to politics.

09-Jun-2017 | Milku

A Japanese streamer...

will soon be blowing in the wind.

10-Jun-2017 | Milku

Forget Corrie and Eastenders.

Our soap is the best.

11-Jun-2017 | Milku

Planting cress, parsley and chard.

And they're growing.

12-Jun-2017 | Milku

I'm dyeing to tell you about this activity.

We're trying to get colours from nature.

13-Jun-2017 | Milku

Rocking all over Blackpool.

Actually most of the collection isn't local...

14-Jun-2017 | Milku

Marshmallows toasting on an open fire.

Smoke and ash getting in your eyes.

15-Jun-2017 | Milku

How does your garden grow?

Probably better than ours, but we have got some things to harvest.

16-Jun-2017 | Milku

At Formby Beach

The proper one...no squirrels involved.

18-Jun-2017 | Milku

Nesting seagull, crouching hamster.

And a visit to Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve.

19-Jun-2017 | Milku

The quest for beauty...

using bananas...

20-Jun-2017 | Milku

It's no yolk.

We've used eggs to condition our hair.

21-Jun-2017 | Milku

I'm pining...

for better weather.

22-Jun-2017 | Milku

Time for an update.

Have our 30DaysWild activities worked?

23-Jun-2017 | Milku

Watching the wildlife.

In Stanley Park and Brockholes.

26-Jun-2017 | Milku

Wildflowers at Brockholes.

And some winged creatures.

27-Jun-2017 | Milku

Ancient runes.

And wooden art.

28-Jun-2017 | Milku

Day 29 of 30DaysWild

And the struggle to find nature.

29-Jun-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for all our posts relating to aliens, a new bed and muesli and football...

There were no teddy bears in the woods on Saturday.

But there was an alien invasion in Stanley Park.

03-Jul-2017 | Milku

Fans of Newton might be celebrating the anniversary of Principia.

But the Newton house at school had mixed fortunes in sports day.

05-Jul-2017 | Milku

International Kissing Day.

You know you want to get involved.

06-Jul-2017 | Milku

Do recommended cage sizes need to be reviewed...

If wild hamsters burrow down to depths of 2 metres?

09-Jul-2017 | Milku

I'm not sure I see the joke in some cartoons.

Maybe hamsters have a different sense of humour to humans.

10-Jul-2017 | Milku

Anyone for tennis?

Not me...I'm counting the days until the football season starts.

11-Jul-2017 | Milku

I'm camera shy.

I certainly wish xenon hadn't been discovered.

12-Jul-2017 | Milku

Embrace Your Geekness

It's the day for doing it and no one should complain.

13-Jul-2017 | Milku

Guinea Pig Appreciation Day?

What's worth celebrating there?

16-Jul-2017 | Milku

Celebrating Robert Hooke's birthday...

And hopefully a swimming gala win.

18-Jul-2017 | Milku

No need to make my own entertainment this summer.

There is a football tournament to watch.

19-Jul-2017 | Milku

School's out for summer.

I'll have to find some ear plugs.

21-Jul-2017 | Milku

They took the hint.

My humans have bought me a lovely new bed...and some delicious muesli.

22-Jul-2017 | Milku

I love my Pets@Home Totally Tropical Bed.

But I couldn't eat a whole one.

24-Jul-2017 | Milku

Carpe diem.

I'm going to enjoy myself while I have the chance.

26-Jul-2017 | Milku

Travellers return.

And a night full of football.

28-Jul-2017 | Milku

The answer is forty three.

It's 43 years since England have beaten France in women's football.

30-Jul-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for musings about Everton, the summer holidays and more...

I predict a riot a result.

But my humans don't believe me.

01-Aug-2017 | Milku

My career as a football pundit didn't get off to a great start.

But the result was the right one.

04-Aug-2017 | Milku

Sisters are doing it for themselves.

But probably should be doing it for each other today.

06-Aug-2017 | Milku

No need to head South to the Jurassic Coast.

Dinosaurs have taken over Stanley Park in Blackpool.

07-Aug-2017 | Milku

They're going away again.

Hope this time they visit Hamsterley Forest.

08-Aug-2017 | Milku

They've been to Hamsterley!

And now it's time to rest and wait for an Everton victory.

12-Aug-2017 | Milku

I'm an Evanovich Readers' Pet.

Disclaimer: other authors are available...

14-Aug-2017 | Milku

Get ready to wince.

It's Tell a Joke Day.

16-Aug-2017 | Milku


A new element.

20-Aug-2017 | Milku

How can today be Poets' Day?

It's only Monday...

21-Aug-2017 | Milku

Beware the 22nd August.

History tells me to worry.

22-Aug-2017 | Milku

I'm nervous.

Everton are playing Hajduk Split again.

24-Aug-2017 | Milku

A league of their own.

Everton have made it into the group stage of the Europa League.

25-Aug-2017 | Milku

Somewhere over the rainbow...

There's a Lego unicorn...

26-Aug-2017 | Milku

Fire safety advice.

Don't buy a rabbit.

28-Aug-2017 | Milku

Art and fighting in Yorkshire.

Us Lancashire folk think that's normal for Yorkshire...without the art, obviously.

30-Aug-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for musings about ice cream, Everton, the end of the summer holidays and more...

Parma violet ice cream!

And a whole lots of fun at Apple Jacks.

01-Sep-2017 | Milku

The last day of the summer holidays.

That calls for ice cream...

04-Sep-2017 | Milku

Peace at last!

The last stragglers have returned to school and work.

06-Sep-2017 | Milku

Twenty four hours.

But so much to be aware of.

07-Sep-2017 | Milku

Wonderful Weirdos.

I'm sure we all know one or two...

09-Sep-2017 | Milku

It's in your genes.

One reason why you might have a large appetite...

11-Sep-2017 | Milku

Hopefully Everton won't be nice tonight.

Time to bounce back after Sunday's defeat.

14-Sep-2017 | Milku

No country for young hamsters.

Or even for my old humans, I hope.

17-Sep-2017 | Milku

Oh baby please.

Give a little respect to me.

18-Sep-2017 | Milku

Yo! Ho! Ho!

And a bottle of water...

19-Sep-2017 | Milku

That's the way to do it!

Let's celebrate Punch Day!

20-Sep-2017 | Milku

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like.

And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

22-Sep-2017 | Milku

Phew! They won!

And I thought history was going to repeat itself.

25-Sep-2017 | Milku

My ancestors ran wild in Syria.

What did yours do?

27-Sep-2017 | Milku

Everton are in action again.

I'd like a win, please, Ronald.

28-Sep-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for lots about Everton defeats and a few other things...

October, the end of our peak birthday season, but...

The month when the clocks go back to GMT.

01-Oct-2017 | Milku

Don't get your fur in a knot.

It's actually Fair Trade Month

02-Oct-2017 | Milku

World Animal Day.

It's my time...

04-Oct-2017 | Milku

Do an act of kindness.

Help one person hamster smile.

06-Oct-2017 | Milku

Curiouser and curiouser.

It's Curious Events Day.

09-Oct-2017 | Milku


Not me...I'm just well-furred.

11-Oct-2017 | Milku

Red is a Blue?

Shouldn't cause problems...touch wood.

13-Oct-2017 | Milku

These are but wild and whirling words, my lord.

Rather like our weather later today.

16-Oct-2017 | Milku

I'm keeping my beard.

Even if it is No Beard Day.

18-Oct-2017 | Milku

No need for a knee, jerk.

Dig out your braces not your suspenders...

20-Oct-2017 | Milku

Now is the autumn of our discontent.

Everton...results...need I say any more?

23-Oct-2017 | Milku

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Koeman leaves...now, we're holding out for a hero...

24-Oct-2017 | Milku

The Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Will Unsy lead the Toffees to victory?

25-Oct-2017 | Milku

It's almost Halloween.

I'm ready to gnaw through a pumpkin.

29-Oct-2017 | Milku

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Look in here for more about Everton defeats and a few other things...

Cook for your pets!

The way to a hamster's heart is through his stomach.

01-Nov-2017 | Milku

I need ear plugs...

Girls are loud!

02-Nov-2017 | Milku

Pens! They're the best friends you can have.

Everything I know about people I learned from pens.

03-Nov-2017 | Milku

If a story is in you...

It has got to come out.

07-Nov-2017 | Milku

Open Sesame.

Oh, hang on, it's been open for 48 years...

10-Nov-2017 | Milku

Food, food, glorious food.

It's National School Meals Week!

13-Nov-2017 | Milku

We're getting crafty.

And helping to stop bullies.

16-Nov-2017 | Milku

Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week

I try to avoid my humans, but if it's just for one week I'll try to bond with them.

20-Nov-2017 | Milku


Is it me you're looking for?

21-Nov-2017 | Milku

Black Friday?

Yesterday was definitely a Black Thursday for Evertonians...

24-Nov-2017 | Milku


The school's great, but I think we still need the beer...

27-Nov-2017 | Milku

Don't worry about a thing.

'Cause every little thing gonna be alright.

30-Nov-2017 | Milku