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Wacky World

02-Apr-2017 | Milku

Some girls have all the fun.

My small humans are a bit too tired to want to play with me at the moment.

Yesterday, they were out celebrating their cousin's 21st birthday. They said that this cousin had been alive for twenty one years! I'm sure they must have been confused by the party atmosphere. Twenty one months, yes. But who on earth would live to the age of twenty one years? It's ancient!

And today they've just been to something called Wacky World in the Winter Gardens. It seems the place was filled with all sorts of bouncy castles and inflatable games. My humans are worn out bouncing, but are keen for the event to return to Blackpool so they can make sure that it is fun and very tiring.

Those girls have all the fun. I'd love to have a bouncy castle to play on. And I wouldn't complain afterwards that I was hot and tired. Maybe I could have one of those games where a bar spins around and you have to jump over it. I wouldn't even mind having a slide. I don't think they're going to buy anything to install in my cage any time soon. They said my nails would burst an inflatable or that I'd chew a home in it. Just because I chewed a hole in my furry den they don't trust me any more. Cheek!