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October-2017 | Milku


I wonder what's so special about Twix bars?

photo of Milku with a small Santa Claus puppet

Well, Christmas was OK, I suppose. It's been far too noisy, of course, with my humans being home all day.

I got a few nice gifts. A new fluffy bed and multi-coloured fluff are keeping me nice and snug. The jury is out on my new hammock...my humans weren't impressed that I gnawed through one of the straps connecting the hammock to my cage on the first day of Christmas. I've resisted the temptation to undermine the repairs...

Photo of Milku with cardboard Santa's House

Apparently, today is Tick Tock Day, reminding us to start finishing off chores and tasks before the New Year begins. I do hope my humans don't find noisy activities to complete.

And, I suppose, it'll remind everyone that it's nearly Hogmanay...resolutions for the New Year anyone?

I suspect my humans will want me to do more exercise and get my wheel rolling again...Hmmm...

Or perhaps interact with them a bit more...only if they improve the quality of the treats on offer...

Now, if they bring me something nice from Liverpool, when they go to see the Liverpool International Horse Show, I might contemplate getting up early to play with them all.

29-Dec-2017 | Milku