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Twenty four hours.

07-Sep-2017 | Milku

But so much to be aware of.


If you took advantage of yesterday's Read a Book Day, you might need to participate in today's Buy a Book Day. My humans seem to have discovered Amazon's Prime Reading offers so probably won't be buying anything unless they've got a taste for reading other books by authors they've encountered via Prime...

But books aren't the only thing you need to be aware of today. It's also Beer Lover's Day. I know one of my humans will enjoy that...I wish he was going to be home tonight to share his beverage...well, beer is only a drink made from flowers, right?...surely I could have a sip...

Then if that wasn't enough, you'll have to nip down to the nearest deli because today is Salami Day as well. That should add flavour to the mountain of runner beans that my humans are eating their way through. I'm helping, but I do like a bit of variety so can't consume too much of the surplus.