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21-Nov-2017 | Milku

Is it me you're looking for?

photo of Milku with an emoji keyring

Hello! Greetings! Ey up! How do?... It's World Hello Day.

Isn't it good to communicate...I love it!

But I have to confess that one of my big humans has rapped my paws for not communicating effectively with you all. She's learning all about accessibility and thinks that I've got some work to do on my blog to make sure I'm not excluding anyone. I'll need her help so don't expect changes immediately.

I must have been wifty when setting all this up. After all, I should know that not everyone gets on well with a mouse... horrible creatures... And my eyesight isn't great so I should have made allowances... I promise to do better.

Photo of Milku standing by a pumpkin

Did you spot the word of the day?

I was surprised to learn that "wifty" means "scatterbrained". I'd have thought it would mean smelly. Either way, I'd happily apply it to some of my humans...