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Red is a Blue?

13-Oct-2017 | Milku

Shouldn't cause problems...touch wood.

So today is Friday the 13th. Some humans are a bit superstitious about it apparently. However, the people interviewed by the BBC mostly thought it wasn't an issue.

I'm not superstitious, but there are plenty of wooden ramps in my cage so I'm virtually always touching wood.


Now, I'd spotted an angry bird picture of the Everton website, with the headline 'Red is a Blue, but had not really stopped to check what it was all about. I have to admit that I thought it was quite clever though. Almost on a par with the second Everton shop being in the Liverpool One shopping area...Everton Two, Liverpool One...Nice!

Red the Angry Bird in an Everton shirt

So it turns out that Rovio are now sponsors of Everton's shirt sleeves. Surely there wouldn't be a problem... but it has caused some consternation, with fans expecting a flash of red on the Everton shirt...something that would be abhorred. However, it's the Angry Birds logo and not a red bird that's going to be added to the shirt sleeves. Panic over.

Anyway, those Blue boys need to roll up their shirt sleeves, even if it means hiding new logos, and battle hard for a win on Sunday.