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Blackpool Hamsters.

26-May-2017 | Milku

It has a ring to it but not as a name for a rugby team.

I’m anticipating a bit of peace and quiet over this long weekend. My humans have found something to entertain themselves.

Bloomfield Road, usually home to Blackpool Football Club, is hosting a different sort of football. Apparently, the clue isn’t in the name because these footballers can use their hands too. Fourteen teams are gathering to play 7 games of rugby at the Summer Bash.

It’s interesting to see the team names.

Lots of animals mentioned…and no hamsters involved. We’d be fast enough, but lack the body weight, I think. And before you say it, I know hornets aren't huge...but they are scary and most hamsters aren't. But I'm working on it...

I suppose I’m being optimistic that my humans will go to see all the games. They don’t support any of the teams so may not be too interested even if one of the little humans has tried playing rugby this term. They won’t be able to sit still for that long. And they’ll probably want to keep tabs on how Blackpool FC are faring in their play off final too.

Milku on knee