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31-Mar-2017 | Milku

The livin' might be easy, but it's confusing me.

This week I have to admit that I've been a bit confused. My humans have been getting up earlier, when it's still quite dark. I wish they'd realise that the night and early mornings are my time. I don't need them checking what I'm up when I'm playing or gathering some treats into my den to see me through the day. And if that wasn't bad enough, they're expecting me to wake up and entertain them when it's still bright. Can't they give a guy a break!

Now, I've been told that it's all due to British Summer Time. The humans changed their clocks last Saturday night so they lost an hour's sleep...mad fools! It might only be an hour to them, but it's a big change in circumstances for a hamster. My body clock is very confused.

I'm not even sure why they're referring to the change as being 'summertime'. Let's face it, even from my cage I can tell that it's not been sunny and warm in these Northern climes.