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It's element-ary...

30-Apr-2017 | Milku

my dear readers, do you know the former names of the chemical elements?

Another Bank Holiday weekend...so no peace for me. My humans will be hanging around my cage more than usual. They tend to clean out my cage at the weekend too so I'll have to get up early and do some running around before breakfast. I bet they'll clear out my store of food. They wouldn't like it if I threw out the contents of their larder, would they? Well, mealworms to them, I'll just cache some more goodies.

Milku eating a mealworm

I thought you might like a little challenge. I've got some pictures showing a set of current symbols for the chemical elements. They all have got symbols that have been discontinued so can you tell what they spell out using those old symbols. Count up the atomic numbers of the ones you get right. Claim a delicious hamster treat if you get them all correct. You just have to click on the image to see the answer.

Chemical elements question 1

Did you get it right? How about another one?

Chemical elements question 2