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Art and fighting in Yorkshire.

30-Aug-2017 | Milku

Us Lancashire folk think that's normal for Yorkshire...without the art, obviously.

On 30th August 1146, European leaders outlawed crossbows, intending to end war for all time. That doesn't seem to have been a big success.

There are a couple of bows in our house...no sign of any wars starting yet though...


Some of my humans have just returned from another jaunt. They declined the opportunity to try using a crossbow at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. The smaller ones, however, enjoyed learning how to handle a sword...prime...seconde...tierce...quarte...they can still recite the drill...

They visited Salts Mill too. A World Heritage site no less. I thought they were going to unpack all sorts of new seasonings. But apparently the mill didn't manufacture salt. It was named after Sir Titus Salt, who built the mill and a village for his workers.

My girls enjoyed the display of artwork by David Hockney...not a soup can in sight. They've been inspired, I can tell. There'll be drawings and models being produced in the last few days of the school holidays.