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Golden Hamster Saga

06-Apr-2017 | Milku

"Another" hamster who can write...

I’ve found an example of a literary hamster that meets my high standards for hamster behaviour and capabilities.

cover of I, Freddy book

German author, Dietlof Reiche, wrote a number of books called the Golden Hamster Saga. The star of the books is a clever golden hamster called Freddy Auratus. He can read and write. You have to understand that gripping a pen with 4 toes is a bit tricky so please accept Freddy’s use of a keyboard.

cover of Freddy In Peril book

Freddy now lives with a translator called Mr John, but it seems that he has had a bit of disruption in his life as his original owner was a young girl called Sophie. I’ll make no comments about having a young girl as an owner. I’ve got three of them to cope with!

cover of Freddy To The Rescue book

It’s as if a book can’t rely on a hamster to keep people’s interest. The Golden Hamster Saga introduces other creatures too and Freddy has all sorts of adventures with them. There are two silly guinea pigs called named Enrico and Caruso. There’s a tomcat called Sir Wiliam. Why does the cat get the knighthood? It’s not fair! Then to add insult to injury, the 5th book in the series introduces a robotic hamster called Tjark.

cover of The Haunting Of Freddy book

All of the animals communicate in Interanimal, a telepathic language. But let me reiterate that it’s only Freddy who is clever enough to communicate with their human owner. Real hamsters rule!

cover of Freddy's Final Quest book