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Ancient runes.

28-Jun-2017 | Milku

And wooden art.

Milku looking up

Professor Bathsheba Babbling hasn't left Hogwarts to take up a teaching post at the school my little humans attend. However, because one of them is looking at the Vikings in this term's topic, they've combined today's 30 Days Wild activity with some ancient runes.

They'd salvaged some slices of wood a while ago and decided to get creative with them...probably hoping for some house points by doing an extra school topic activity!

Rear view of wooden signs

Two of the little humans worked hard. They only used marker pens, but the finished signs look great. One of the pieces of wood is undecorated before you start commenting that someone isn't very artistic.

Decorated wooden signs

Thank goodness for the Internet. It made it easy to translate what my little human wanted to write into Viking runes. Hopefully, it is accurate and she hasn't written anything offensive.

Blackpool written in runes sLancashire written in runes

Here's hoping that we're not celebrating Tapioca Day in our house tonight. The Internet suggested that it looks like frog spawn...yuk! I don't care what it tastes like if it looks so bad.