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It's in your genes.

11-Sep-2017 | Milku

One reason why you might have a large appetite...


Scientists have discovered a gene mutation may be responsible for making some dogs "greedy" and prone to obesity.

Some of my humans think I'm putting on weight. Cheek! I know I can clear my bowls of treats and muesli when the mood takes me, but it doesn't mean I eat it all. They know that. I like to maintain a larder in case I'm dissatisfied with the treats on offer sometimes.

Well, if they accuse me of being a fatty again, I'll just suggest that I'm genetically predisposed to having a large appetite. I'm not going to accept the same excuse from them, of course.

I thought my food stash had fermented yesterday and that I was hallucinating...I peeked out of my cage to see a medieval archer in the room... It turned out that the Saxon Archers were having a party and the big fella was wearing clothes that suited the name of the club. He got the prize for having the best costume...but it did give me a fright...

My little humans were out and about yesterday as well. Two of them enjoyed a horse riding lesson at New Hill House Riding School. It was only a little taster session so they didn't smell too horsey when they came home... and weren't too saddle-sore. I'm not sure I'd like to get too close to a horse, but my little humans seem to like large animals.

I've heard one of them wants a pet pig...as long as it's not a guinea pig...