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12-Jul-2017 | Milku

I certainly wish xenon hadn't been discovered.

Did you know that on 12th July 1898 the element xenon was discovered? Until a few minutes ago, I didn't even know what it was, never mind what it is used for. But now I wish that William Ramsay and Morris Travers hadn't bothered. I believe that xenon gas is used in camera flash technology. And I hate it when my humans turn their camera flashes on me. It makes everything far too bright.

Milku sitting on fluff

You probably thought I might mention other events associated with 12th July, but I'm not keen on orange... citrus fruit isn't good for hamsters you know. And the colour clashes with my fur. Thankfully, there are no parades and banging drums around here...I'll be settling down for another sleep now and don't want to be disturbed until it's dark.

Anyway, I'm looking to the future not the past...and hoping that Ms Konta keeps on playing well...Go, Jo!