Waterloo Road Methodist Church - Key Dates

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  1. Waterloo Road Wesleyan Mission opened on 24 May 1911, at Spen Corner, on the first floor of a shop at 195 to 199 Ansdell Road (then known as Bloomfield Road).
  2. An iron mission hall, on the Waterloo Road - Arnott Road junction, was purchased from the Free Christian Church on 20 January 1914. The worshippers moved into the hall immediately, referring to it as the ‘Tin Church’.
  3. The congregation moved into a new building adjoining the old Mission Hall. The architcts were Halstead Best.
  4. In September 1956, the newly-built Waterloo Road Methodist Church opened. The tin hut was retained for use by church groups.
  5. The 1914 hut was replaced by a brick building and six Methodist Housing Corporation homes.
  6. Waterloo Road Methodist Church joined with Highfield Methodist Church and Lindale Methodist Church to form South Shore Methodist Community Church. Waterloo Methodist Church closed and the building put up for sale.
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