New Central Methodist Church - Key Dates

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  1. The first Wesleyan chapel, able to accommodate 250 to 300 worshippers, was erected in Bank Hey Street / Adelaide Street.
  2. Slater’s Directory (Lancashire), page 25, the Places of Worship section includes: 'Independent Chapel, Bonny’s Lane, (ministers various)' and 'Wesleyan Chapel, Bank Hey St (ministers various)'.
  3. When more school accommodation was required, a larger school was erected facing into Bank Hey Street.
  4. As Blackpool expanded, there was a need for a larger church. The foundation stones of a new building were laid on November 1st 1861.
  5. The Methodist chapel, that was opened in 1835 on Bank Hey Street, closed in 1862.
  6. Central Methodist Chapel was opened on the 4th July 1862.
  7. The Preston Chronicle and Lancashire Advertiser, 17 September 1864, reports 'United Methodist Free Church, At Blackpool – Last night week, the members of the United Methodist Free Church congregation in Blackpool opened a new chapel in Adelaide Street, the opening sermons, morning and evening, being preached by the Rev. John Guttridge, of Sheffield.'
  8. Slater’s Directory (Lancashire), page 95, the Places of Worship section includes: 'Methodist (United) Chapel, Adelaide St, Rev Joseph Baton' and 'Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Adelaide St, Rev James Parks'.
  9. The Preston Chronicle and Lancashire Advertiser, 17 November 1877 reports 'Wesleyan Foreign Missions – The annual sermons in connection with the Blackpool branch of the Wesleyan Foreign Missionary Society were preached in the Wesleyan Chapel, Adelaide Street, Blackpool, on Sunday. The morning sermon was preached by the Rev. G C Mayes, of Fleetwood, and in the evening by the Rev W Perkins. The congregations were large on both occasions.'
  10. Kelly’s Directory (Lancashire), page 109, the Places of Worship section includes: 'Wesleyan, Bank Hey Street and Adelaide Street, Rev J Holland Brown; 10:30am & 6:30pm; Tues 7pm; seats 750' and 'Methodist Free Church, Adelaide Street, Rev James Stubbs Palmer; 10:30 am & 6:30pm; Tues & Thurs 7:30pm, seats 600'.
  11. By the early 1970s, the decision was taken to demolish this church, at the same time as the old Queens Theatre next door, and re-develop the whole site.
  12. New church premises, largely above shops in the centre of Blackpool, were opened on Saturday 15th March 1975 by Miss Charlotte Briggs, the oldest member of the Society at that time and dedicated by the then Chairman of the District, the Rev. G. Herbert Raynor.
  13. The congregation at Chapel Street joined with the Central Church, and it was re-named 'New Central Methodist Church'.
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