Marton Methodist Church - Newspaper Article

Publication: Lancashire Daily Post

Date: Wednesday June 28 1939

Title: Parade in Rain: Marton Moss Rose Queen Crowned

1939 newspaper cutting about the crowning of the Rose Queen at Marton Methodist Church

Fifteen year old Barbara Hilton of the Marton Methodist Chapel was this afternoon crowned the Rose Queen at the annual Marton Moss Pageant and Sports Day.

In spite of some showers, the traditional procession led by the Rose Queen took place. It included a number of striking tableaux and gaily bedecked children in fancy costumes.

The Rose Queen attended a service at the Marton Chapel when she laid a wreath on the Methodist Cenotaph. A similar ceremony was performed at the Marton Moss Church of England Day School by the retiring queen, Kathleen Cardwell.

The two queens met and the procession united for a tour of the village.

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