Lindale Methodist Church - Key Dates

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  1. Lindale Methodist Church was founded. A Sunday School was held in nearby Highfield school, led by the first minister at Lindale, Reverend EJ Nuttall. Church services were held in people's homes.
  2. Building of a church hall on Dorritt Road commenced in May 1948. It opened on 27 October 1948.
  3. Lindale Methodist Church was was licenced to perform marriages.
  4. A new building for Lindale Methodist Church was opened on 7 October 1967, on the site of an air-raid shelter next to the church hall.
  5. Lindale Methodist Church joined with Highfield Methodist Church and Waterloo Road Methodist Church to form South Shore Methodist Community Church.
  6. South Shore Methodist Community Church (Dorritt Road site) closed for worship on Sunday 23rd May 2021.
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