Layton Methodist Church - Day trip to Nottingham

Publication: The Fleetwood Chronicle and Fylde Advertiser

Date: Friday May 19 1911

Page: 8

Title: Layton Methodists at Nottingham

1911 newspaper cutting about a trip to Nottingham by members of Layton Methodist Church

The Layton Methodist Church choir achieved two objects on Tuesday, by means of the Tradesmen’s Holidays special bookings. The chief object of their outing was to visit their late pastor, the Rev G Jobling, who is now at Nottingham.

A special saloon was engaged to Derby and from Derby they took the ordinary train to Nottingham. The party, which numbered about 24, were in charge of Mr Wilfred Crumblehulme, and after a pleasant journey they arrived in Nottingham about eleven o’clock. Here they were met by Mr Jobling.

After a brief look round, Mr Jobling entertained the company to dinner.

The afternoon was spent in looking round the various places of interest of the great lace centre, and altogether a very enjoyable time was spent. Mr Jobling again acted as host at tea, and he was heartily thanked for his kindness.

Train time came all too soon and, after a good run, the excursion arrived in Blackpool about 12 o’clock.

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