Layton Methodist Church - 1934 plans for new church

Publication: Lancashire Daily Post

Date: Thursday January 18 1934

Title: Layton Methodists: Plans for Erection of £7,000 Church and Schoolroom

1934 newspaper cutting about plans for a new Layton Methodist Church

The population of the district of Layton in Blackpool is rapidly increasing, and with only one Anglican church and the Methodist church to serve the district, local nonconformity considers that the time is ripe for Layton to have a better church than the present Methodist church.

Schemes are being started to raise funds to build a new Methodist church on a site that has been obtained, the total cost to be between £7,000 and £7,500.

Plans for the new church as well as schoolrooms have been prepared and hopes are that building operations will be commenced in the very near future.

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