Central Methodist Church Roll of Honour

Framed and glazed, illuminated roll of honour for Waterloo Road Methodist Mission.

Framed Second World War roll of honour for Central Methodist Church and Sunday School

Second World War Roll of Honour for Blackpool Central Methodist Church and Sunday School. Names are hand-written in 4 columns.

The names in the first column are: L. Ardron, H.S. Bailey, E. Bailey, H.P. Battye, F. Bishop, R. Bond, R.B. Burton, G. Clayton, F.T. Copplestone, F.H. Copplestone, N. Cross, F. Cross, N.H. Dodgeon, E.A. Dredge, A. Durie, P.V. Edwards, F. Edwards, W.E. Fletcher, J. Fletcher, C. Fletcher.

The names in the second column are: A.F. Fletcher, P. Gaggs, D. Galloway, E. Gibson, W. Gregson, J. Grocock, H. Haigh, M. Haigh, C. Halliwell, G.B. Hebblethwaite, G.H. Hind, R. Horton, J. Howarth, W. Ingham, G. Johnson, W.G. Johnson, A. Pickup, T.S. Perkins, W. Rigby, L. Roberts.

The names in the third column are: A.B. Rushton, B. Sandy, D. Sexton, W. Shaw, K. Sharples, M. Shuttleworth, A.G. Slater, T.S. Smith, J.R. Stirzaker, A. Taylor, H.C. Welch, K. Whitaker, C. Wilcock, J.F. Wright, H. Woodward*.

H. Woodward is marked with a cross, indicating that he 'made the supreme sacrifice'.

The names in the fourth column are: Olive Bancroft, Irene Bond, Edith Butterworth, Ada Cross, Isabel Dale, Margaret Ford, Gladys Preston, Ada Richardson, Margaret Waterson, Mavis Wilcock.

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