Adelaide Street Methodist Church - Advertisement 1909

Publication: 1909 Advertisement - United Methodist Church, Adelaide Street

Sunday services at 10:30am and 6:30pm

Week night services – Christian Fellowship Meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm

Date: Sunday December 5th

Preacher: Rev. Walter Leicester

Morning 10:30

Evening: 6:30pm

Evening subject: ‘The course of true love’

Date: Wednesday December 8th

Annual tea & meeting

Tea in the schoolroom, Coronation Street at 5:30

Tickets 9d each

Public meeting in the church at 7-0pm

Chairman: Rev. Walter Leicester (Pastor)

Speakers: Revs. S. Gamble-Walker, Boote, M. Langdale and W. Francis.

Soloists: Soprano, Miss Arnold; Contralto, Miss Antoinette Greenwood; Tenor, Mr T. H. Cooper; Bass, Mr George Gregson.

Special musical programme under the conductorship of Mr J. S. Warburton (Organist and Choirmaster). Full particulars see programme.

Organ recital at 6:30.

1909 advertisement for events at Adelaide Street Methodist Church
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